My name is Tim Herzig. I am a research associate in the Department of “Didactics of Human Services Occupations” at Osnabrück University. One of my local work focuses on the adaptation and implementation of the skills-lab-concept for teacher education. The skills lab which was established due to this purpose will be used in addition to teaching for a practice-oriented research in an interdisciplinary context.

As a trained physiotherapist I completed my consecutive Master’s degree program “Vocational Education and Health Care” at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences in the end of 2014. The topic of my thesis was conceptual development of recommendations for the institutionalization of the skills-lab-concept at universities. I was already able to make first preparatory work concerning the role of teachers in the skills lab and to implement projects for the acquisition and retention of simulated patients during my studies. 

In 2014, an initiative was developed out of these and further projects which deals with the integration and promotion of the skills-lab-concept in the health professions and is chaired by me. The VIFSG was established as a registered association wich operates nationwide and aims at the development of the skills-lab-concept in the health professions and its curricular design and integration into the vocational education.

My Experience
  • Implementation of the skills-lab-concept in the training and continuing education of health professionals and for teacher education in the health and human services professions (e.g. establishment of the skills lab, acquisition and retention of simulated patients, curriculum development)
  • Teaching in the modules videography- and video analysis of teaching situations, integration of methods, scientific work (Bachelor and Master)
  • Implementation of field-specific projects
  • Procurement of third-party funds