My name is Tim Herzig. I am a physiotherapist, vocational pedagogue and since the end of 2014 I am a research assistant in the department “Didactics of Human Services Professions” at the Institute for Health Research and Education (IGB) at the University Osnabrück. One of my main areas of work there is the establishment and operation of an interdisciplinary learning and research laboratory with the resounding name “Interprofessional lab of teaching and learning for health and human services – Osnabrück, ILTHOS. In addition to researching and implementing simulation-based teaching, inter-institute working groups have also been established there in recent years, for example on topics such as technology-human interaction and technical support for educational processes. These include processes of “digitisation” and digital teaching.

The knowledge I have gained will also be used in my doctoral thesis with the working title “The ‘Skills Lab’ as a field of action for teachers in the vocational training of health care professions at universities”. Thus, I am researching precisely those educational processes that enable practical, evidence-based and interprofessional training and can be digitally mapped.

As a project collaborator, I am also involved in the Q-Plus project “Digital teaching in the context of teacher training for vocational schools (DiLbeS)” of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture, which was acquired in 2019. The aim of this project is to systematically integrate the initiation of media competence into the training of future teachers at vocational schools and, based on this, to offer digital teaching/learning formats in the study courses.

Privately, as chairman of the interprofessional association for the integration and promotion of the Skills-Lab-concept in the health professions (VIFSG) e.V., I am committed to the implementation and further development of simulation-based teaching in the vocational training of health professions. With InnovationslaborOWL, I have found a sponsor and partner for technology and knowledge-based university spin-offs.

My Experience
  • Independent development, establishment and curricular and strategic anchoring of an interdisciplinary laboratory for research and teaching
  • Preparation and implementation of research projects or applications (acquisition of third-party funding); design and organisation of research cooperation between science and practice
  • Teaching in the courses “Videography and Video Analysis” and “Integration of Methods” in the Master’s programme Health Sciences and Cosmetology
  • Supervision of scientific work as first and second supervisor; holding a colloquium on scientific work; organisation of a doctoral colloquium; acceptance of examinations
  • Organisation and implementation of conferences, training congresses and workshops
  • Establishment of a nationwide interdisciplinary network at universities, schools of the health care system, educational and research institutions as well as partners in the health care professions
I search

I’m looking for ways to network. I am particularly interested in the Skills Lab concept in the training of health care professionals and medicine but also in basic simulation-based teaching, the use of augmented and virtual reality and digital teaching.